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prop 8 thoughts
well Im not shure on the technical aspects and all but from what I think I know prop8 was against same sex marriage, and CA had approved it but just recently I discovered it was (repealed?) and I think that is a good thing because lesbians and gays should have the same rights as straight people do. I am straight and to all the people who think only the homosexuals agree with this well I have am female and i have a boyfriend and you people should be more open minded. I feel like its the same as when there was discrimination against the color of your skin and now theres a mixture of all sorts of races in people. just think if you couldn't marry your boyfriend or girlfriend dosnt it hurt because you want to spend every second with them? well no matter your gender that feeling is universal LOVE. 

well I just wanted to share a bit of my thoughts and this is all rushed because I gotta get off the computer so if things do not make sense I appologies and will edit later. this was not to offend anyone and I do not want to argue with people I just felt like typing out some thoughts


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