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Yay! I'ma get my new sewing machine! Its not the best but its way better then the junk I have at home, all my sewingmachine can do is stich and zigzag plus it is really old. I'm gettin the project runway CE-5000PRW Brother CE-5000PRW - 50 Stitch Sewing Machine
Yay! I'm so happy. Now I just am going to have to read the manual very carefully before I just start sewing from the excitement!!!

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Hey :/ I tried to answer your question but you deleted it. We get emails sent to us when someone comments on your thread --- so I could still see it. You also have your PMs off.
Yes i do take custom cases. -- Thanks

sorry :( I relized you answered the question to someone else so I deleted it. I didn't want you to have to repeat yourself. and wat do you mean my PM?

Your PM's are your private message setting ~ I tried sending you a message and they were turned off >_

XD I'm not sure actually Lol. you might be able to find out a tutorial on google or something XD haha

lol okay i'll search. I still am getting the hang of livejournal. I have a problem with the cuts it doesn't work for me idk

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